Our partners are experienced lawyers, certified public accountants and business professionals who have practiced at top-tier multinational firms in common and civil law jurisdictions in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Southeast Asia. They manage a teams of highly skilled locally qualified lawyers, finance and business experts that are often educated in both Asia and Canada and are fluent in English and Chinese.

Litigation & Dispute Resolution
Workplace Law & Commercial Litigation
Litigation & Family Law
Business Law & Litigation
Business Law, IP & Litigation
Criminal and Civil Litigation Lawyer
Corporate and Commercial
Corporate, M&A, Real Estate, Wills & Estate
Business Law, Litigation and Family Law
Civil Litigation and Family Law
Corporate Law, Tax and Litigation
Business and Technology Law
Canadian Accounting and Tax
International Trade, Real Estate and Corporate/Commercial Law
Singapore Legal Services
Entertainment, Sports & Intellectual Property Lawyer
Fund Formation, Corporate Financing and Cross-border M&A
Dispute Resolution & Corporate Lawyer
Business & Technology Lawyer
Entertainment & Media Law
Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property & Corporate Law
Sports & Entertainment Law
Patent and Intellectual Property Lawyer
Corporate Law and Dispute Resolution
Corporate and Commercial Lawyer
Corporate and Tax Law
Family Law & Dispute Resolution
International Business Lawyer
International Tax, Accounting and Finance Expert
International Corporate Lawyer
Corporate and Tax Law
Intellectual Property, Innovation & Construction Law
Dispute Resolution, Real Estate and International Trade
International Trade and Intellectual Property Litigation
Intellectual Property and Trademarks Lawyer

Our Clients

The majority of our clients are businesses operating in sectors that focus on bringing technologies, high-quality products or sports and entertainment to China’s rapidly expanding consumer market. Many of our clients do not require in-house lawyers and accountants yet have significant amounts of daily legal and finance work to handle. Due to such demands, our partners focus on being directly involved in each work file we assist with and act almost as if we are in-house service providers which enables us to integrate with the management teams of our clients and play a personable role where everyone is working together to achieve the business goals of a company. Our professionals take pride in helping our clients establish, operate and continually expand their businesses in Asia and we provide high-quality services for reasonable fees.