ABOUT Harrison Lin

International Tax, Accounting and Profit Repatriation

Harrison Lin is a CPA and tax expert who leads our tax and accounting team to help ensure that the business entities our clients operate are in full compliance with the laws of Hong Kong and China. With many country specific rules and regulations related to accounting and tax laws in Hong Kong and China, accounting and tax matters can often be unfamiliar and time-consuming for international businesses operating in these countries. We understand how difficult it can be for foreign investors to fully understand the Hong Kong and Chinese tax systems, so Harrison and our accounting/tax team is committed to providing practical services to our customers to help overcome this difficulty.

Harrison’s services have proven to be an invaluable solution for many of our clients who require assistance with the establishment of efficient accounting and tax filing systems in Hong Kong and China. Rather than hiring internal staff, many of our clients decide to outsource routine accounting, human resources and tax matters to Harrison’s team instead of managing this process internally by hiring human resources and finance staff. This allows our clients to focus on business expansion instead of back-office management.

After our clients have established accounting and compliance systems, Harrison provides consultations on Chinese and Hong Kong accounting and tax laws, advises on difficult tax questions that arise on a case-by-case basis, provides the service of reviewing and improving accounting systems and locating tax savings, advises on remitting profits overseas and structuring contracts in a tax efficient manner and assists by attending meetings and negotiations with tax authorities and applying for tax reductions whenever possible.

Harrison and our accounting team routinely provides the following tasks for our clients:

Hong Kong

  • Establish bookkeeping systems and preparation of accounting ledgers,
  • Preparation of profits and loss statement, trial balance and balance sheets
  • Filing Profits Tax Returns
  • Arranging for year-end audits
  • Tax research and advice



  • Establish bookkeeping systems
  • Apply for fapiao/receipt issuance machine and fapiao/receipt books
  • Monthly bookkeeping services and tax filing
  • Preparation of monthly financial statements (profit/income statement and balance sheet) in English and Chinese language
  • Monthly individual income tax filing
  • Quarterly VAT tax filing
  • Quarterly corporate income tax filing
  • Annual Corporate Income Tax Filing
  • Annual government filing requirements
  • Company social fund and housing fund registration at the beginning stage
  • Handle Employee recruitment and dismissal procedures
  • Calculate monthly salary for employees
  • Monthly calculation of Social insurance and Housing Fund for employees
  • Arranging for year-end audits
  • Tax research and advice