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For International Businesses
In Hong Kong, China and Asia

Introduction to our Firm, Service Providers and Practice Areas

Moxiu specializes in providing services in all areas of law required by business. The majority of our work involves business transactions or litigation with international dimensions and although legal services frequently continue to be the starting point in our business relationships with our clients, we have evolved to become a multi-jurisdiction group of professionals offering legal, accounting, tax, human resources and business services throughout Asia after noticing a demand for a cost-effective service tailored to specific needs of clients establishing small to mid-sized businesses in Asia’s growth markets. We provide international businesses with access to general and specific legal advice in relation to doing business in Hong Kong and China. We are also frequently called upon to assist with legal and business matters in Japan and Southeast Asia. In addition, we provide legal services for Chinese nationals who are conducting business or real estate transactions in Canada.

The Meaning of 莫休 or “MOXIU” in English is “No Rest”

Our services providers work non-stop for our clients with the highest level of professionalism. We provide timely advice and services and help our clients complete business projects or resolve disputes with efficiency and in a cost-effective manner.

Our Clients and Areas of Focus

The majority of our clients are international businesses operating in sectors that focus on bringing technologies or high-quality products or services to China’s rapidly expanding consumer market. After experiencing success in China, many of our clients move on to invest into Japan and Southeast Asia. Our areas of focus include providing clients in China with combined packages of legal, accounting, tax and business services, establishing corporate structures in tax efficient jurisdictions such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Cayman Islands, sports & entertainment, intellectual property theft protection and litigation, legal & business services for clients engaging in international trade, agri-food and country specific services in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Combined Legal, Accounting, Tax and Business Service Packages

For clients who prefer to outsource legal and administrative work, our international lawyers, CPAs and consultants offer specialized combined legal, tax, accounting, human resources and other business services, enabling our clients to focus on their core business and generating profits without being tripped-up by the technicalities of navigating the laws and financial systems of unfamiliar business markets.

Professional and Highly-Trained Lawyers and Finance Experts Leading Teams of Local Specialists

Moxiu combines international experience with local knowledge to implement creative, practical and cost-effective solutions for our clients. Our leading partners are experienced international lawyers who have practiced in various disciplines at top-tier multinational law, accounting and business consultancy firms. Our partners recruit and manage teams of highly skilled and locally qualified experts who are fluent in multiple languages and have in-depth knowledge of laws, political systems and business customs in Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan and Southeast Asia.

Our Legal Services

Moxiu specializes in providing services in all areas of law required by business and we focus on assisting clients that are investing in or have ongoing business operations in Asia. Our teams of international lawyers in Hong Kong, China, Japan and Southeast Asia manage teams of highly skilled local lawyers, accountants and business professionals to provide the professional services our clients seek. Our experts have a broad range of experience working across industries and our services are underpinned by an in-depth understanding of local business practices in the respective Asian countries in which our clients invest. We support our clients throughout the start and expansion of their businesses and share expertise and resources between our member firms to provide our clients with the best support available in Asia. Whether a start-up project or the acquisition of existing operations, we assist with all areas of law.

Legal Services

  • Business, Intellectual Property, Market-Entry, Civil and Criminal Litigation, Employment, Family, Compliance and Tax Legal Services
  • English and Chinese Contract Drafting
  • Industry Specific Research and Due Diligence

Trademarks & IP Protection

  • Trademark Registration in China, Hong Kong, Canada and Asia
  • Copyright Filing and Invention, Utility Model and Design Patent Applications
  • Intellectual Property Protection & Litigation

Employment & Human Resources

  • Employment Contracts and Employee Recruitment
  • Payroll & Social Insurance for PRC Employees
  • Foreign Work Permits in China


  • Legal Advice on Corporate Structure
  • Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE) and JV Establishment in China
  • Incorporations in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, BVI, Cayman, Jersey and Guernsey

Accounting and Tax

  • Mandatory Accounting and Tax Compliance Services
  • English/Chinese Financial Statements
  • Remitting China Profits Overseas
  • Tax Research and Advice

China Market-Entry Consulting

  • Introductions to Customers and Business Partners
  • Marketing and Business Development
  • Market Research Reports
  • Competition Analysis Reports

In addition to providing services in Asia, our lawyers in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec and our China-based Canadian lawyers provide a full range of legal services for Chinese nationals and Chinese-Canadians who are establishing businesses or conducting real estate transactions in Canada. We also assist Canadian and Chinese individuals with wealth and estate planning and family law matters.

Our Combined Legal & Business Services

Accounting, Tax, Compliance and Human Resources Services to Complement our Legal Services

Due to unique and mandatory tax-filing and other regulatory compliance laws in Asia, the small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) we assist often require outsourced support with back-office administration, accounting, tax, human resources and corporate compliance. Since the majority of our clients require legal, accounting and other business services, to respond to their needs, the lawyers in our offices work alongside our finance, accounting and business experts to create tailor-made combined legal, accounting, human resources, accounting and business services packages for our clients.







Our professionals continue to administer these combined services packages until our clients are ready to hire internal staff to complete accounting and administrative tasks in-house or we alternatively continue to provide long-term outsourced accounting and/or administrative support alongside our legal services. The majority of our clients often find it practical and cost-effective to retain Moxiu for our combined services. Instead of hiring and coordinating with multiple law, accounting, human resources and business consulting firms across various countries, our clients can deal directly with one of Moxiu’s senior partners who will coordinate with our professionals to deliver the full range of services our clients require to operate and expand their businesses in Asia.

OUR AREAS OF SPECIALIAZATION Our Niche Practice Areas Alongside our legal and business practice areas, our clients often request services based on specific business sectors or country-specific services; consequently, we have developed niche areas of focus to respond to the demand for such specialized services Learn More


Providing Timely and Cost-Effective Solutions for our Clients

Lawyers, CPAs and Consultants leading teams of specialists in Hong Kong, China, Canada and Asia

Our Structure

Moxiu’s partners consist of a core number of small to medium-sized law, accounting, human resources and business consulting firms with offices in a number of key locations in Asia and Canada. We have formed as a team to assist mid-sized international companies with business expansion and operations in Hong Kong, China, Japan and Southeast Asia. The structure and continued growth of our network was designed to be alternative services platform for SMEs, providing more options for businesses in need of services aside from hiring multinational law, finance and consultancy firms or larger local Asian firms that offer services to international clients.

Personalized and High-Quality Services On Time

Not only is our fee structure competitive, whether our clients are individuals, small to medium-sized enterprises or larger corporates, we provide our services in personal manner. We take time to listen to our clients in order to fully understand their goals which enables us to design services packages tailored to their specific needs. Some of our market-entry clients have utilized our personalized approach to hire our professionals as temporary in-house lawyers, accountants and business services providers until they have had enough time to hire internal professionals.

Our Fees

Having various legal, accounting, human resources and business consulting professionals in our group allows us to be flexible when providing services to clients and by staying relatively small and manageable in size our overhead costs are lower than other larger firms. As a result, our lawyers, finance and business experts, many of which were trained in both North America and Asia, are able to offer our services at a lower cost than professionals with similar backgrounds who work at traditional multinational law, accounting and consultancy firms or larger firms in Asia that have the capabilities to provide services for international clients.

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