Product Market-Testing


Unlike many other legal or accounting firms, after we have completed initial market-entry or other services for our clients, we offer further assistance by providing a range of business services. For example, some market-entrants prefer to secure business opportunities prior to fully taking on the risks of entering into the Asian business markets. To respond to the demand for an interim solution, Moxiu provides a “market-test” solution to help our clients secure sales contracts prior to establishing their own business entities in China and Asia.

We provide solutions such as acting as a liaison office on-the-ground in China, Japan and Southeast Asia that can assist by locating and introducing potential distributors or business partners, conducting in-person negotiations on behalf of our overseas clients and by providing the use of the business licenses of our affiliated import/export trading company ( to help our clients determine if there is a demand for their products in China and other Asian business markets. Clients operating in industries where it is beneficial to establish multiple local sales channels instead of selling to a large distributor, such as food and beverages companies, may utilize our licenses to run test sales programs in China prior to establishing their own entity to import and sell their product to Chinese consumers. Moxiu acts as a liaison sales office during this initial product market-test.

We also provide employment outsourcing services enabling our clients to employ staff, typically business development or sales staff, prior to establishing a legal entity in Asia. In addition, when overseas clients are directly exporting to China without having a local entity, after sales services are required, and our trading company is able to act a services liaison in this circumstance.

Our “market-test” services allow our clients to gain a clear understanding of the advantages of incorporating in Hong Kong, China, Japan or Southeast Asia without taking the upfront risk of establishing entities that may later need to be deregistered.