Business Development


Our business development team ranges from former government officials to experts in particular fields such as sports and entertainment, agri-food and international trade to business owners who have gone through the many steps to successfully establish and operate a business in China, Japan and/or Southeast Asia and now offer consulting services to market-entrants. The range of services our business development teams offer includes:

  • Assisting clients on locating and making arrangements to attend relevant trade fairs
  • Advice regarding online marketing in Asia
  • Assisting clients with publishing online advertisements on Asian marketing platforms
  • Translation of business presentation documents in multiple languages
  • Assistance with negotiations and contract translations in Japanese, Chinese, Thai and English
  • Brand consultation and advice on patent, copyright and trademark registration
  • Identifying, screening and arranging meetings with potential business partners and customers for our clients when they are unable to visit China, Japan or Southeast Asia
  • Provision of local resident directors and other board members
  • Matching international business owners with private or state-owned businesses in Asia that are seeking foreign technologies
  • Introducing private equity, other investment funds and high net-worth individuals to businesses that require investment