Tax & Wealth Planning


Our professionals provide the following international legal, tax and wealth planning services:

  • Creation of tax optimal corporate structures
  • Assisting Chinese businesses or individuals with overseas investment transactions
  • International property ownership – e.g. advice on property ownership laws, due diligence, and assistance with property acquisitions and real estate transactions
  • Advice on capital gains and inheritance taxes
  • International estate planning
  • Wealth planning and asset protection solutions – e.g. creation of trusts to hold and distribute assets, use of foundations to capitalize on incentives and the utilization of life insurance wrappers and private investment funds to preserve wealth and earn interest
  • Inheritance, retirement and international pension planning
  • International estate administration
  • Prenuptial, postnuptial and cohabitation agreements
  • Immigration and relocation planning
  • Assistance with investment immigration
  • Legal advice on tax-compliant wealth structuring
  • Interpretation of double tax treaties and transfer pricing laws
  • Tax arbitration and litigation
  • Drafting international wills
  • Profit repatriation services – e.g. remitting divided and royalty payments from an Asian company to it’s overseas parent company
  • Provision of nominee services – e.g. provision of nominee directors in countries where a local resident must be a member of a foreign company established in that country

Note on Drafting Wills: The recommended practice is to have a will for each jurisdiction in which assets are located. Most jurisdictions allow a will which refers to world-wide assets but the effective implementation of a will which has been prepared under the laws of one jurisdiction and is being used to deal with assets in another jurisdiction is difficult because it requires numerous procedures to be gone through in order to have the will recognized in the jurisdiction where the assets are located.  Our experts are experienced with drafting wills and helping clients distribute a deceased’s assets in multiple jurisdictions.