Property Services


Our real estate professionals assists international purchasers, landlords, tenants, lenders and commercial developers with real estate transactions in Canada. We are experienced with structuring offshore transactions, acquisitions, property leasing, investment real estate, zoning, environmental and other local laws that regulate real estate transactions.

Representing Chinese clients with the purchase and sale of residential properties in Canada 

We are committed to provide seamless and high-quality client service to Chinese clients interested in purchasing or selling property in Canada. Our dedicated team provides a client focused experience focusing on each individual’s particular needs. Our rich expertise makes the process of purchasing or selling a property in Canada simple and seamless for you as a purchaser. Our Canadian real estate services include:

Market Entry Strategic Analysis

We will work with you to find the exact property that fits your needs. Our local experts have intimate knowledge of builders, projects and properties in Canada and this local knowledge can be the difference between a successful investment and a poor investment. Our local experts will assist in negotiating the best price available for your property. We have access to investments that are not available to others. These properties are not listed on various online portals. They come at reduced prices as a result of close relationships between our company and the developer of these properties. We are happy to introduce such properties to our clients upon request.

Transaction Advisory Services

We will help you navigate through Canadian and Chinese laws associated with your property closing and help you reduce taxes and assist with all legal aspects of your purchase.

Other Services

If you require other services, we can help with mortgages, insurance and locating tenants for your property.

Notary Services

Notary services. Our Canadian lawyers in China provide a full range of notary services associated with property closing transactions. We complete notarizations for property purchase and sale in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and other countries as well. Please see the website of our affiliated company for further details: