Translations, Work Visas & Notarizations


Contract Drafting and Translation

We specialize in drafting contractual clauses to protect international corporate investment and have years of experience with drafting commercial contracts of various kinds with non-standard clauses that must be developed to suit our client’s particular needs in each case. At the outset of drafting major international commercial contracts, we help our clients gain an understanding of the legal systems, business practices and cultures of the counterparty’s country and local district. Without guidance from local counsel, a foreign company may rely on contractual provisions that are overridden by provisions of local law or the foreign company may be unaware of important statutory rules that can have a significant impact on their rights under the agreement

During the process of drafting contracts, we have advised clients in every sector of the economy on a wide spectrum of corporate and commercial matters. For example, we have experience with handling commercial contracts for services, licensing, development, distribution, marketing, manufacturing, outsourcing, support and maintenance companies. We draft contracts for construction, sports and entertainment and agriculture companies, businesses with environmental and innovative technologies and draft contracts for small and medium-sized enterprises that are developing new businesses or expanding operations throughout Asia.

We regularly draft international trade contracts and advise on laws that are unique to particular countries and districts, such as the validity of restrictive covenants, licensing and labelling requirements, environment and tax regulations, choice of applicable law and forum and mechanisms for dispute resolution. We also specialize in creating shareholders, joint venture and strategic alliance agreements and drafting licensing, financing and franchising contracts and real estate related agreements such as commercial leases, agreements for the purchase and sale of real property and residential tenancy agreements. Our contracts can be drafted in English, French, Chinese and Japanese languages.

Accurate and correct translation and interpretation of legal documents has crucial implications. Moxiu has a team of experienced translators who can provide professional verbal and written translations in English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), French and Thai languages. Our translators are skilled at translating technical legal documents, contracts and other sophisticated commercial documents. The services our translation professionals offer include:

  • Translation of contracts
  • Translation of court documents
  • Translation of corporate documents
  • Transcription
  • Provision of certified translations

Work Visa & Fingerprinting

With a corporate structure in place, our clients often require assistance with obtaining expatriate foreign work permits for expatriate employees and services related to hiring local employees such as drafting employment contracts and setting up social insurance accounts and payroll systems to pay employees fulfil statutory requirements.

Requirements for obtaining a foreign work permit in China have become more stringent in recent years making it difficult for some very highly skilled employees to obtain the legal rights to work in China. For example, skilled professionals in the entertainment industry who have not obtained a university degree sometimes experience difficulty obtaining a foreign work permit and we have helped several entertainment clients overcome this difficulty and successfully obtain foreign work permits.

Obtaining a Non-Criminal Record Certificate (in Canada and China)

New regulations in China also require foreign work permit applicants to obtain a non-criminal record check certificate from their home country. We provide assistance with these applications including fingerprinting services and the notarization of documents required to order criminal record checks.

In addition, some work permit or immigration applicants require a non-criminal record check from China, and we provide the services of applying for this criminal record check as well.

Our specialists provide the following services:

  • Immigration and work visa applications
  • Fingerprinting and criminal record checks
  • Foreign work permit applications in China
  • Special visa applications for entertainment artists and athletes
  • Research on immigration and residency requirements
  • Business visa invitation letters
  • Work permit and visa applications in (China, Hong Kong and Thailand)
  • Employment and temporary work contracts
  • Services regarding overseas investment immigration programs (e.g. American EB-5 Programs and Canadian Provincial Nominee Programs)


Our affiliated company provides a full range of notarization services. Please see the following website for further details: