Contract Drafting


Contract Drafting

Our lawyers have years of experience with drafting contracts of various kinds with non-standard clauses that must be developed to suit our client’s particular needs in each case. We advise clients in every sector of the economy on a wide-spectrum of corporate and commercial matters. For example, we have experience with handling commercial contracts for services, licensing, development, distribution, marketing, manufacturing, outsourcing, support, and maintenance companies. We draft contracts for construction, fashion and agriculture companies, businesses with environmental and other innovative technologies and contracts for small and medium-sized enterprises that are developing new businesses or expanding operations throughout Asia. We also specialize in drafting international trade contracts and contracts for sports and entertainment companies and agri-food and agriculture companies.

Our professionals are fully aware of the need for legal advice to be compatible with the complexities of corporate and commercial activities and local business realities in Asia. At the outset of drafting major international commercial contracts, we help our clients gain an understanding of the legal systems, business practices and cultures of the counterparty’s country and local district. Without guidance from local counsel, a foreign company may rely on contractual provisions that are overridden by provisions of local law or the foreign company may be unaware of important statutory rules that can have a significant impact on their rights under the agreement.

We regularly advise our clients on laws that are unique to particular countries and districts, the validity of restrictive covenants, employment, labor and social insurance laws, environment and tax regulations, choice of applicable law and forum and mechanisms for dispute resolution. We also assist our clients with devising strategies to collect market intelligence and conduct business and anti-corruption due-diligence, assist with contract negotiations and the preparation of dual language contracts.

Our lawyers are experienced with reviewing and drafting of all kinds of commercial contracts including the following:

  • International commercial contracts
  • Purchase and sale of shares and/or assets including the purchase or sale of businesses
  • Shareholder agreements, joint venture and partnership agreements
  • Share option schemes (for listed companies or private companies)
  • Sales representative, distributorship, licensing and franchise agreements
  • Financial documentation such as loan agreements, guarantees, mortgages, assignments, pledges and other charges
  • Construction contracts and related documents such as performance bonds
  • Management contracts, employment contracts and consulting contracts
  • Real estate related agreements such as commercial leases, agreements for the purchase and sale of real property and residential tenancy agreements
  • Standard agreements such as memoranda of understanding, letters of intent and settlement agreements
  • International trade contracts

Our contracts can be drafted in English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Thai languages.